Coming Apart in the Age of Automation with Bob Reselman

Join us for Episode 2 of The Confessions of Angry Programmers Podcast! In this episode David and Woody talk about:

  • Dogfooding: David discusses challenges using Adobe Cloud products.
  • WTF Were They Thinking?: Woody discusses Google Chrome updates.


We are joined by our first guest, Bob Reselman. Bob discusses coming apart in the age of automation.

Bob Reselman is a nationally-known software developer, system architect and technical writer/journalist. Bob has written four books on computer programming and dozens of articles about topics related to software development technologies and techniques, as well as the culture of software development. Bob lives in Los Angeles. In addition to his work on in a variety of aspects of software development and DevOps, Bob is working on a book about the impact of automation on human employment.


Next Episode

The next episode will feature Dogfooding and WTF Where They Thinbking along with  guest Nuri Halperin. Have a comment or suggestion? Want to be a guest on the show? Click here to contact us.