Working in a Distributed Team with Guest Adam Gordon Bell

Join us for Episode 13 of The Confessions of Angry Programmers podcast! In this episode David and Woody talk about:

  • Dogfooding: David talks about well run community-driven conferences. Specifically, the DotNetSouth conference that was held in May of this year in Atlanta, Georgia where David spoke at.
  • WTF Were They Thinking?: Woody talks about his frustration in dealing with Google support where you can’t talk to a human being, only online chat.


We are joined by our guest Adam Gordon Bell. Adam discusses working remote on a distributed team for the past 8 years and gives tips along the way.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to tell if a remote worker is doing their job and measuring performance.
  • Management thinking remote workers are goofing-off since they can’t see them.
  • Management is one of the issues with companies not embracing remote workers.
  • Benefits of remote working… get a lot more work done, no commuting (better for the environment), less stress and more.
  • Tools and methodologies for working in a distributed team.

IMG_1205_webAdam Gordon Bell has spent 14+ years in the trenches as a software developer. His recent interests include functional programming and using type systems to build better software. Currently, Adam works on static analysis of docker containers for security vulnerabilities at Tenable. In his spare time, Adam hosts CoRecusive Podcast and has a personal blog. Adam is also a advocate of distributed software development teams and, though he lives in Canada, he works daily with teammates in the EU and the US. Say hello on twitter at adamgordonbell.

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